No Regrets in Sedona, Arizona

January 1, 2020
Young and Foolish

A few years ago, I decided to embark on being a solo traveler/adventurer, and to allow myself the experiences of what it would be like to travel solo with myself, as my own partner.  I had always waited to go with someone – a friend or a partner, and found they couldn’t go, due to life commitments, or they didn’t have the resources to go with me.

One of the foolish things I did was book two trips back-to-back:  flying to/from St. Paul, Minnesota for a four-day spiritually intensive class. Then, I came home for 1 day (enough to rest a bit and do laundry) launching myself out the next day for my next trip to Sedona, Arizona – a place I visited prior very briefly for only 2 days.  This trip was for 5 days, giving me enough time to partake and enjoy what was there.

My 5-day stay was a writing a book workshop, where I wanted to complete my book by end of the weekend.  Nope.  Didn’t do that.  We ended up beginning Thursday evening for four hours handwriting our book and on Friday morning, we were allowed to continue typing our book.  I ended up being there that morning from 9am to noon and…left the class.

Foolish?  I thought at first, YES!  I paid for this class – a lot of money – airline tickets, hotel accommodations, the class, meals, and outdoor activities.

Foolish? I thought at first, YES! 

I ended up not only leaving the class the next day at 12 noon, right at lunch break. I ended up resting from the previous 5 days of being at the spiritually intensive course, where I still needed time to process. Where better to do it, then in Sedona, AZ?

During my third and fourth days there, I ended up at the hotel’s concierge’s desk. I happened to come across a personalized tour of vortex points in Sedona.  I immediately said, “Yes!” and that early afternoon, I had the most amazing experiences. The tour company gave me a tour guide, and took me to places where I could be/sit with myself. I felt my own connection with the vortexes (and close enough o the guide) where I felt safe to Be.

As I was experiencing these vortexes, I took the time to ground myself and intuitively knew that being there was about more than the book writing workshop – it was REALLY to get myself grounded from what I’d experienced in that spiritually intensive workshop I’d been in the week before. I learned that sometimes in life we think we are expecting to experience what we think we will experience and we are in the location for an entire different reason altogether.

Was I young and foolish to go to this writing my book workshop? 

Was I young and foolish to go to this writing my book workshop?  To many people, the answer would be YES. I paid money for this class, only to walk out after a half day of being there.  I decided to give myself credit for what I wrote: About 12 handwritten pages and typed another 20 more. After my experience, I KNEW I was complete. I couldn’t write anymore and not until later, did I realize I needed to go outside and be around the earth elements of Sedona.

Another aspect of thinking I might have been young and foolish is when I went to those beautiful places with the personal tour guide.  There were moments when I thought I was foolish to be standing at the edge of a cliff, only to take a seat on that rock and look out at the beautiful scenery before me. It was breath-taking to sit and take it all in, knowing I could fall, if I leaned forward, I would be gone in an instant.

I sat there for a long moment, soaking all I saw in myself and felt so happy to be there. The joy I felt, the connection to nature, the gratitude in my heart for just being there, was so much more rewarding and fulfilling to me than being in the book writing class I signed up for. Sometimes, we just don’t know the reason we are somewhere – sometimes it’s beyond our imagination. 

No Regrets in Sedona, Arizona

So, was I young and foolish?  To others, yes. For the money I spent for the class, which I did not complete. And, I did not get any refund back. It was never about the money, though – it was making the choices, the right decisions for myself, that were most important to me.  Because I came from a life filled with habits of listening to, taking care of others and not taking care of myself first.  This also meant listening to myself, even when choosing to go out of the norm of what anyone would think – like leaving the class.

To go out and take the time to take care of myself (not only on this Vortex tour), but by going to other places with myself was, what I needed to make me feel joy-filled, ecstatic and enthusiastic, fired up inside myself and my connection to Life.

Being young and foolish is a perception; I am and will always feel young and foolish and will follow my Heart in all my moments. 

About Cynthia Makhoul Starr

Cynthia Makhoul Starr is a Transformational Coach who is a guide and uses her intuitive abilities in supporting women in transition, listening to their Soul’s ‘heart speak’, resulting in Self-Alignment so they can experience their own self-empowerment, self- mastery with clarity, hope and peace. This shifts all aspects of their lives, and leads them back in remembering who they are.

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