Queen of the lions in Zimbabwe

June 17, 2010
lion in zimbabwe

While at Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe, we decided to do the Lion Walk, one of the tourist activities advertised by the different organizations around the falls. Participants are able to pet the lions and walk through the bush with them for an hour. This experience was incredible and definitely once-in-a-lifetime, but probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

Most groups don’t allow lions to come into contact with people after they’re 6 months, and these lions were 14 months of age. One lion, in the hopes of playing with one of the participants, reached out for her leg, but her skin was no match for his claw. This experience taught me to appreciate the beauty of the lions, but also to appreciate the fact that wild animals and people orbit separate spheres for a reason.

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Laiah Idelson is a California native whose work in public health has allowed her to live and/or work in South Africa, India, Nigeria, and Tanzania; and her severe case of the travel bug has taken her as an adventurer throughout 20 additional countries. She loves spicy food and will laugh at just about anything. You can keep up with her escapades on her blog or on Twitter.

One thought on “Queen of the lions in Zimbabwe

  1. Mark Benson
    October 25, 2011

    Visit this spectacle in Africa by taking flights to Zimbabwe. Walk around the lions and play with them at this amazing place near Victoria Falls. This is an adventurous activity to do yet very dangerous, after all a lion is the king of the jungle.

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