Ghana, Africa: Travel Tips for Women

June 17, 2010
Ghana, Africa: Travel Tips for Women

Despite the fact that Ghana, Africa is considered “Africa for beginners,” it tends to be off the beaten track for most Africa-bound tourists. Ghana is extremely hot, so I recommend bringing light-weight clothes, but also realize that Ghanaians value dressing nicely and conservatively. You may not feel very comfortable in very short shorts or skirts, and it would possibly draw some unwanted attention from men (and even women). Ghanaian people are some of the nicest that I have ever met, always asking “how are you?” to complete strangers.

However, as a woman traveler, you will certainly attract men who want to be your “friend” or want your phone number. My advice would be, if you do not want this attention, to wear a ring on your wedding ring finger and just point to that when men approach you. Also, I really would not recommend giving your phone number out to just any Ghanaian man unless you know him very well, because they will call you ceaselessly.

My time in Ghana has been spent mostly in the capital, Accra at the University of Ghana. Accra is a hot, dusty, and busy city. If you are only going to be in Accra for a few days, I would recommend checking out Makola Market (the largest market in Accra) and Osu (a neighborhood- great for nightlife).

I really would not recommend giving your phone number out to just any Ghanaian man unless you know him very well, because they will call you ceaselessly.

Getting around Accra is easiest in a taxi, but drivers will try to charge you more because you are not Ghanaian. Never get into a taxi without negotiating a price first- and try to know a reasonable price before you even approach a taxi driver.

If you want to be a little more daring (and save a lot of money) you can try a tro-tro, which are vans that serve as the main form of public transportation. If you are only going to be in Accra for a little bit, I wouldn’t even try the tro-tros because it took me weeks to actually understand where each one goes. But, if you ask a Ghanaian, they will always tell you which tro-tro to get on, and where you need to get off. Accra is a safe city, during my three months here I have traveled around by myself with no problem. However, at night, do not go out by yourself- always travel in a group.

Outside of Accra there are a number of amazing places to visit. If you are looking for a great beach, check out the Green Turtle Lodge in Akwidaa Village, a few hours outside of Takoradi. This is a small eco-lodge on a pristine and isolated beach. I would not recommend staying in the tents–try to get a room, because I stayed in the tents and they are stuffy and I had trouble sleeping. Also, another pro–the food is excellent. I recommend getting the French toast for breakfast.

If you are looking for a cultural experience, head to Kumasi (4-5 hours from Accra) which is the capital of the Ashanti Region in Ghana. The Asante people are famous for their strong cultural ties and Kente cloth weaving. Another great location is Cape Coast (2-3 hours from Accra).

Ghana, Africa: Travel Tips for Ghana Travel

At Cape Coast you can visit the slave castles that were departure points for African slaves during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Also nearby is Kakum National Park, where you can do a rainforest canopy walk, which is a bit terrifying, but also really fun. As far as getting to these places from Accra, the best way is taking a coach bus from the STC bus station near Circle in Accra.

Ghana is beautiful and friendly country, and I know that anyone traveling here will fall in love.

Ghana, Africa: Travel Tips for Women


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  1. Katness
    July 26, 2019

    I really liked the detailed information and tips on Ghana that travelers post on the pink pangea, it’s very helpful in planning trips. However, I would hardly refer to the Slave Dungeons that were the point of no return for thousands of captured/sold africans as
    “Slave Castles”.

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