Sisters Abroad: One Week in Amsterdam

June 17, 2010
One Week in Amsterdam

Here I am with my sister in front of the Rijkmuseum, an art museum in Amsterdam.

Sisters Abroad: One Week in Amsterdam

Why we decided to go

Initially, we decided to spend one week in Amsterdam because my friend found cheap tickets and not because of the whole drug scene. But every time I told someone about the trip they gave me that look, like I know exactly why you’re going there. While in Amsterdam, I got the feeling that the locals really don’t engage in that scene and the tourists are the ones who give the city that reputation.

What we did

We went to tons of museums in Amsterdam, including the Anne Frank Museum which seemed touristy except for a few parts that kind of got to me – like the narrow staircases. Also, I loved the waffle and pancake restaurant right next door, where you can mix in all sorts of things in the batter and end up with something like bacon pancakes.

I also recommend the Van Gogh museum over the Rijkmuseum, which has more Rembrandts. But this may be a personal choice. Interestingly, Rembrandt’s art is darker than Van Gogh’s even though Van Gogh’s life was pretty tragic.

Traveling with my sister

This trip ended up being a “sisters” trip because I traveled with my sister and a pair of twins. It was our first time traveling together as adults, and it was great to get to see the world while having a piece of home right there. Also, it was nice to have someone to split the costs with for all the presents. It was our first time having Jewish experiences abroad together: the Anne Frank Museum and the Children’s Jewish Museum (we made mini challahs there). We also visited churches and learned about Amsterdam’s history with our friends.

About Jessica

Jessica Katz is a teacher who lives in the DC area.

2 thoughts on “Sisters Abroad: One Week in Amsterdam

  1. jenebecca
    March 13, 2011

    I had a similar experience in Amsterdam. Apparently smoking actually isn’t legal it’s just tolerated since it brings in so many tourists. I also really enjoyed the Van Gough museum and the Heineken museum was a lot of fun. Cute pic Jess and Melis!

  2. judith
    March 13, 2011

    Glad you had a good experience in my old home town and that, with this post, you set the folks back home straight about what they must perceive as “sin city.” What a wonderful opportunity to have such an experience with your sister and the twins!

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