A Bumpy Start: My First Week of Studying Abroad in Spain

September 9, 2013

Un Comienzo Desigual (A Bumpy Start)

Imagine losing your gadgets, having your car not start, getting stopped by security at the airport, almost missing your connecting flight, and searching for almost two hours for the meeting spot. You can’t imagine it? Well neither could I, but it all happened on my way to Spain. Within the first 24 hours of my journey, I had a plethora of bad luck thrust upon me, but it all worked out in the end.

I arrived in beautiful Madrid–jetlagged and smelly, but excited to be there!  The culture-rich streets and incredible food are just two things I noticed right off the bat.

Buenos Amigos and Buena Comida (Great Friends and Great Food)

Everyone on my study abroad program is nice. There are nine people from across the United States, and the group started to seem a lot smaller since we began making connections. Another girl from my school is part of the group and it’s been great to see a familiar face–especially while maneuvering through the Madrid Airport. Also, it turns out that another girl from DC happens to know my best friend from home.  The experience gives the saying “small world” a whole new meaning!

The food in Madrid is incredible.  El menú del día (menu of the day) includes two plates of food (for example, a bowl of soup and a piece of fish), sangria or wine, and dessert. It’s extremely filling, and I have gone into multiple food comas since arriving.

Cómo Se Dice… (How do you say…)

It is difficult going from all-English all the time to all-Spanish all the time. Our program director speaks only in Spanish to us, and we are encouraged (required) to speak in Spanish to each other unless we have a question we can only say in English. I find myself saying comó se dice (insert English word here).  So, lo siento if I start using “Spanglish” en mis blog posts porque I am required to think and habla en Espanol todavia!

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