Packing Light: How I Took 1 Backpack for 5 Days in London

November 4, 2013
Packing Light: How I Took 1 Backpack for 5 Days in London

With spring break upon us my husband and I thought we would hop over to Europe and spend 5 days in London.  We are staying with his wonderful aunt and uncle and will be seeing a city that I have never been to!  We are flying with an airline called easyJet, which allows passengers only ONE carry-on for free, and yes, that means only ONE bag–not a small suitcase + backpack or backpack + purse.  It means only ONE.  While most people may sigh and be upset about this, as a budding minimalist, I see this as an amazing challenge!

It will be cold and rainy in London, so layers are key, as are good walking boots that will keep my feet dry while seeing the city.  I will wear my boots, one pair of jeans, a sweatshirt and winter coat on the plane, and the rest of the wardrobe (minus undergarments) looks a little something like this.

This picture is of 3 sweaters, 2 long sleeve undershirts and 2 camisoles, and a t-shirt and sweats for pajamas.  That, my friends, is it on top of 5 socks and corresponding undergarments.  I figure that if my jeans or tops get wet or dirty that my aunt and uncle-in-law won’t mind us commandeering their washer and dryer.
For carry-on toiletries we are each only allowed a one-quart Ziploc, which means sharing (or more like my husband agreeing to use my toiletries):
toiletries packed
I’ll stuff a day purse into my backpack to use during our excursions in London, and we will borrow umbrellas from our family or just buy some cheap ones when we get there.  I will also pack our Kindles for reading on the flights.
I put my clothes into Ziploc bags to keep everything clean, dry and organized.
And my carry-on is now light and ready to go on the plane with me for our 5 day trip to London!
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Dana Cohen lives in Champaign, Illinois, home of the Fighting Illini with her husband.  After two international moves in one year she found her love of minimalist living and traveling light.  She blogs about her new lifestyle at International Green Minimalist.

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