My First Australian Wedding

April 14, 2014
My First Australian Wedding

Now that I’ve been in Australia for a few months, I’ve had the opportunity to see two of my favorite people get married. Over the past four years, we’ve seen each other on four continents, and I was so excited to share in their special day. Although there were no koalas or kangaroos present, there were several additions to their wedding that made it uniquely Aussie:

1) Wishing well: They had a wishing well so that guests could choose to leave a monetary gift to be put towards items on the bride and groom’s “wish list.”

2) Master of Ceremonies: Instead of a hired DJ doing all of the talking, they had a friend handle all of the MC duties, which included introducing the wedding party and the newlyweds, and even getting the speeches started during the night.

3) Hens/Bucks party: This is what they call their bachelorette and bachelor parties, and they usually have them on the same night.

4) Beach house: On the days leading up to the wedding, the bride, groom, and their friends shared a beach house with their friends.  It was awesome.

5) Group photo: At the end of the ceremony, all of the guests gathered together for a large group photo.

6) Vibe: The wedding was so beautiful, thoughtful and elegant, and still managed to have this amazing chilled out vibe. It was clear that the bride and groom wanted everyone to have a great time.

Though similar to an American wedding, my friends’ Australian wedding had special touches that made it so unique and amazing.  Much love to the newlyweds!



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