5 Amazing Mediterranean Beach Destinations

January 15, 2016
5 Amazing Mediterranean Beach Destinations

Brushing up against the shores of southwestern Europe, North Africa and the western coast of the Middle East and almost completely enclosed by land sits the sparkling and perfectly blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Always consistently beautiful as it graces over 24 countries with its clear blue shores and white sandy beaches, it has blessed many locals and tourists with gorgeous getaway spots along its coastline.

Although some of the most beautiful and popular spots belong to Spain, Croatia and Santorini, here are five gorgeous Mediterranean beach spots that you may not have considered but should add to your list!

5 Amazing Mediterranean Beach Destinations

Corfu, Greece

Corfu is just one big beach and is the second largest of the Ionian Islands in the Mediterranean. From the shallow waters of Ayios Georgios, which are perfect for families and couples, to the young nightlife beaches of Cavo, where water sports and George’s Boat is a bucketlist must, the island is the perfect getaway no matter your travel style.

Sightseeing is also rich in history along the island and includes the famous Old Fortress, most beautiful at nightfall with the Great Cross shining above it in the moonlight. Plus you’re in Greece! Indulge in traditional dinners with Greek dancers and plate-smashing along with other gourmet restaurants and market-shopping.

Sorrento, Italy

Sweeping views of the Mediterranean, beautiful beaches, the Amalfi Coast and Piazza Tasso and the famous European square lined with dozens of cafes are all what makes Sorrento the ideal vacation spot for beach, leisure and living the dolce vita.

The city sits on quite the steep hill, making its narrow lanes such an adventure to venture through. Its long, narrow staircases from the city to the beach are such a thrill and make for a great romantic getaway spot. Make sure to drive along the coast up to Naples as well to grab a slice of the infamous Margherita pizza.

Capri, Italy

About 45 minutes to an hour via ferry from the shores of Sorrento, you can sink your toes into the sandy beaches of the beautiful island of Capri, well known for its gorgeous and glamorous beach resorts, Limoncello liqueur and the caves and grottos that completely surround the island. During daylight hours, the water appears an almost electric blue from the sun passing through its underwater caves and is mesmerizing to look at as you boat around the island investigating the amazing landscape of Capri.

Travel via cable car into the city above where shopping is endless and gelato is the most delicious, or sit along the beach overlooking the coast of Italy including Sorrento and Naples while indulging in fresh seafood dishes. Due to Capri’s glamorous façade—which matches the pricing of accommodation—staying in Sorrento and travelling to Capri for a day trip is highly recommended (unless you are on a YOLO trip).

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The Monte Carlo Casino isn’t the only grand and luxurious spot to experience. The tiny country is also home to very luxurious beaches like Larvotto Beach, which was named the most glamorous beach in the world. Lined with beautiful white, powdery sand, rows of umbrellas and lounge chairs and filled with beautiful people of course, it is definitely a different beach experience.

Bring a towel or your own umbrella if you are on a budget. To beach like the glamorous, you will have to dish out a pricey $30-$40 euros to lounge like them too. To save on accommodation, stay in Nice and travel to the beach via cab along the perfectly smooth and sparkling Monaco roads (with asphalt engraved with Swarovski crystals!).

Mellieha, Malta

Just south of the tip of Italy, you’ll find Malta. Filled with castles and temples and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, it is the ultimate destination for sun, history and exploration. Mellieha is a large village at the Northwestern part of Malta, known for its gorgeous beaches as well as boating trips along the coast, scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports! In land you’ll find beautiful churches and towers with outstanding views of the region and the coastline.



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