7 Things to Do in Quebec City

March 2, 2016
What to do in Quebec City

Quebec City is big, and maybe a little daunting. But travel to the land of poutine and maple syrup is far from hard work: with every cobblestoned turn there’s another reason to love the bustling metropolis. So grab your camera, your walking shoes, and your sense of adventure, because you’re going to need it to complete this list! Bon voyage!

7 Things to Do in Quebec City

Walk the Wall

The fortifications of Quebec mark a North American first: this is the only gated city north of Mexico. For military fans, check out the Citadel and the changing of the guard at Artillery Park, or if you’re less into the strategy lecture, walk the battlements for beautiful cityscapes and panoramic views.

Check out the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Old Quebec  

It’s not hard to see why Old Quebec is the place to be. From the cobblestone streets to the picturesque cafe-lined avenues, the beautiful architecture and historic sites are worth an afternoon of wandering around. Visit Rue de Tresor, an open air art gallery in the area, or take out your camera for a couple shots of Chateau Frontenac—it’s the world’s most photographed hotel!

Eat Poutine

Move over Canadian bacon, poutine is the highlight of Canadian cuisine. While there is a lot of contest over the best poutine in Quebec, you can always just try them all. Ashton’s has a great dish, as does Chic Shack, conveniently located in Old Quebec near the Chateau.

Want somewhere more off the beaten path? Try La Fabrique Montcalm, in the trendy arts district of Montcalm. Here, poutine gets fancy with braised beef, pulled pork or confit duck. Delish!

Tour the Place Royale

Taking a tour of the Place Royale is like stepping back to the 17th century. It is the oldest neighborhood in North America. Take in the Notre Dame des Victoires Church and Champlain’s original home, and then relax in the beautifully restored square. The while area is especially beautiful at Christmas time, when it is decorated and festive.

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Visit Montmorency Falls Park

Just outside the town’s limits is the beautiful natural preserve, Montmorency Falls Park. You can hike or take a tram up to the falls. It’s easy to get to from the city centre. If you’re driving out of Quebec City, it’s just 30 minutes, and there is free parking at the park entrance.

7 Things to Do in Quebec City

Learn about the First Nations People

A reserve within the borough of Quebec City houses the Huron-Wendat Museum and the traditional Huron site, which are great for a tour. You can check out the traditional jewelry workshop, learn about traditional myths and legends, grab a canoe and take a ride.

Also equipped with a spa, bike rental, and plenty of shops, restaurants and lodging, your day trip here might just turn into a weekend getaway!

Make the Most of the Snow

This only applies in winter, as Quebec has wonderful weather for much of the year, and isn’t snowbound all the time! From staying at the Hotel de Glace to the Quebec Winter Carnival, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied outdoors in the winter, such as snowshoeing, skiing and dogsledding.

7 Things to Do in Quebec City

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  1. Cheryl
    February 5, 2017

    I will be visiting Quebec City this summer and would love to visit the area where the first photo (colourful row houses) was taken. Where is this?

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