Transportation in Qatar: What You’ll Want To Know

June 17, 2010
Photo by Radoslaw Prekurat on Unsplash

Most reliable transportation in Qatar

In general, getting around is Qatar is tough when you don’t have your own car. The most reliable and best transportation in Qatar is the taxi. But don’t assume you can hail one on the street, because there are no sidewalks to speak of. Hailing a cab from the middle of a traffic circle can work, but it takes guts and a little mad inspiration, and you’re best off hailing cabs that are coming in your direction – no one will turn around to pick up a fare.

How to hail a taxi

The best way to get a taxi is in front of one of the hotels or the malls. Karwa, as the company is called, is easily spotted by their pleasant seafoam green coloring, which sticks out from the black, silver, and white SUVs everyone else drives. Try to ignore the teenagers who cruise around mall parking lots trying to give you a ride.

Transportation don’ts

Don’t get in any non-Karwa taxis unless you’re with a local, or at least someone who speaks Arabic well and can bargain the driver to a normal price. Karwas are safe to ride in if you’re traveling solo though, and are always metered. You can also call one in advance, which must be done at least three hours in advance if you’re planning to go somewhere or get picked up on the weekend. And whatever you do, don’t be fooled by the green Karwa minibuses. They are technically public transportation but are generally only used by day workers. It is considered highly strange suspicious for a Western tourist to use these buses.


Photo by Radoslaw Prekurat on Unsplash.

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3 thoughts on “Transportation in Qatar: What You’ll Want To Know

  1. Mir Khalid
    March 2, 2020

    Qatar is the wonderful place to travel in the Middle East. It is true that one needs a taxi as there is no other best transportation. This place is worth exploring.

  2. August 15, 2018

    Qatar is perfect holiday spot for desert safari, water sports and cruises. we are going to spent our holidays on Qatar for our company desert party soon .

  3. Mark Benson
    November 2, 2011

    Qatar is a Middle Eastern destination which is a perfect holiday spot for desert safari, water sports and cruises. European travellers get quite exited to take flights to Qatar and explore the Arabian paradise for their vacation.

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