Creating World Peace — One Trip at a Time

October 3, 2014

Have you ever thought about what would create lasting peace? Try this one – shared experiences.  When I first read this on a flyer, I stopped and thought about it.  Yup. Different trips, workshops, retreats, and events I’ve participated in all came to mind, and all of the extraordinary relationships I’ve made with people who I never thought I would otherwise have met.

As I read more about the event, I thought — I want to get involved in this!

Here’s the deal:  Hostelling International USA brings together travelers from more than 100 countries to highlight the connections that people make in their hostels and remind us that real lasting peace is made by having shared experiences together. They host an annual week of programming and events called

Creating World Peace -- One Trip at a Time

I read about shared travel experiences almost everyday, yet I hadn’t thought about it as recipe for peace. So I asked myself — what else could be a recipe for peace other than shared experiences?  I was stumped.

Travelers from all over the world discussed responsible and sustainable travel.

The Sleep for Peace concept reminded of a quote I recently read:  When I look into your eyes, I cannot hate you.”  A Palestinian teenager said this to an Israeli teenager.  They had just spent a week together at retreat for Israeli and Palestinian students to get to know each other.

On September 21, HI USA hostels across the country celebrated the United Nations International Day of Peace with unique activities that reflect the personality of the hostel’s destination.

I joined some of the Sleep for Peace festivities in NYC. We attended a screening of the new documentary called Gringo Trails about the darker side of the backpacker’s journey: the impact on local cultures around the globe. The film was fantastic and I particularly enjoyed the Q & A after the screening.

Travelers from all over the world discussed responsible and sustainable travel. Everyone’s insights were so interesting. I found myself thinking — almost every comment is an excellent article topic that I would want to read more about.

Creating World Peace — One Trip at a Time

Alas, the event ended, and I hung around for a bit and chatted with fellow travelers and then I headed downtown.  You bet:

Creating World Peace -- One Trip at a Time

Stayed tuned, we’ll be hosting a Travel Writing Workshop at HI – New York City and will post the details on Pink Pangea shortly.  

If you haven’t yet checked out HI USA, I recommend doing so!  It’s a non-profit organization founded on an enduring belief in the power of travel to foster a deeper understanding of people, places and the world around, which leads to a more tolerant world. #nottooshabby 🙂

For more information about Sleep for Peace visit:


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