My First Music Festival: Life is Beautiful

December 26, 2014
My First Music Festival: Life is Beautiful

pink pangea foreign correspondent Life is Beautiful is a three-day music festival that takes place on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Though Vegas is not my type of city, I have visited it several times.  A shining, party city with modern buildings, lavish cars, and drunken people, Vegas makes me feel uncomfortable. Still, this music festival brought me back.

I booked the ticket while I was in China for summer break because I was excited that so many of my favorite bands would be playing in the festival. The ticket was pricey, but I knew I had to go.

Because the festival had four stages, I needed to make sure I knew where my favorite bands and create a schedule for myself. Luckily, an app made this easy for me.

When Alex Turner, the lead singer, finally came to the stage, I screamed at the top of my lungs.

On the first day, I didn’t know any of the bands or musicians playing, so I randomly chose one. Before they started planning, I asked the lady beside me if she knew anything about the band’s music. She told me their music was like Soul Disco Funk, and revealed that the lead singer was actually her son! She was a fashionable lady, with a white lace dress and shining jewelry. She introduced me to her son’s band and told me how hard it was to make it in the music industry. She sang along to every song. I imagined that if I were a singer, my mother would support me and go to every concert of mine, too.

I enjoyed the performances by Broken Bells and Alt-J. James Mercer, the frontman of Broken Bells, is also the lead vocalist and guitarist for my all-time favorite band: The Shins. I think James Mercer is the most talented songwriter alive. His music has accompanied me during many lonely nights. Alt-J is my new favorite band. Their music is unique and always leads me into a dream world.

I arrived three hours early to see Arctic Monkeys. I hadn’t brought anything to drink, but the lady sitting next to me gave me a bottle of water. I took only a sip, since I was afraid that I might have to use the restroom and lose my spot close to the stage. When Alex Turner, the lead singer, finally came to the stage, I screamed at the top of my lungs. I thought I might pass out because seeing him has been one of my dreams. Thankfully, I did not pass out, but fixed my eyes on him. He looked as perfect as he does in YouTube videos and photos. I sang along to every song and felt like a starstruck teenager.

Another highlight of the festival was seeing The Head and the Heart. Their performance was impressive and made me feel like I was floating in the sky. Their melodies were melancholy, and their lyrics really touched my heart.

Though I went to the music festival alone, I did not feel lonely because I kept making new friends.

Foo Fighters was the last band that played at the festival. Their music was so loud and powerful. I felt the whole world shaking when Dave Grohl sang with the audience.

Though I went to the music festival alone, I did not feel lonely because I kept making new friends. They came from different countries, and had similar music tastes as me. I felt grateful that they kept me company and told me their stories.

I was especially thankful to my boyfriend, who not only drove me from Flagstaff to Vegas but also dropped me off at the festival each day. I missed several shows, like the Panic at the Disco and The Flaming Lips, because they played very late, and I did not want to keep my boyfriend up. Still, I loved to see him waiting outside for me. I felt like I was back in high school when my father used to pick me up everyday. My boyfriend watched out for me in “Sin City” and made sure my music pilgrimage was filled with both music and love.

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