Travel San Francisco: On Biking, Eating and Exploring

November 18, 2014
Travel San Francisco: On Biking, Eating and Exploring

pink pangea foreign correspondentSan Francisco is a very popular tourist destination. The city has so much to offer and during each visit, I can discover something new and interesting.

My first visit there was during high school. I participated in a culture-exchange program and visited the two West Coast cities—Los Angeles and San Francisco. The most impressive thing about San Francisco is that there are many steep streets. The ride up and down such steep streets felt like a roller coaster ride.

The Golden Gate Bridge left a deep impression on me especially during my first visit. I was fascinated by the design and felt it was the most beautiful suspension bridge that I had ever seen in my life. In the morning, the bridge is always shrouded in fog, and the misty bridge gives people a sense of melancholy. Unfortunately, many people end their lives by jumping into the cold water. In the afternoon, as the clouds part, people can finally see the bridge clearly.

Travel San Francisco: Biking, Eating and Exploring
Yinong in San Francisco

In the morning, the Golden Gate Bridge is always shrouded in fog, and the misty bridge gives people a sense of melancholy.

Golden Gate Park is a locally loved and a must-to-go place for tourists. This large urban park includes the California Academy of Sciences, the De Yong Museum, the Japanese Tea Garden, Conservatory of Flowers, and the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

Each season has something unique to offer and the park never loses its charm. In the spring, a variety of flowers are blooming in the Conservatory of Flowers. In the summer, I love to take a stroll in Redwood Grove within the San Francisco Botanical Garden, breathe in the cool air with forest fragrance, and appreciate the century-old redwood grove. In the fall, the most beautiful place is the Japanese Tea Garden, where the trees change color. The garden’s tranquility and beauty is best representative of my perception of fall.

Travel in San Francisco
Golden Gate Park

The squirrels are busy searching for food all year round. They are timid creatures, but cannot resist the temptation of food. When I feed them chocolate nuts, they let their guard down, and devour the food from my hands.

San Francisco has a convenient public transportation system and is also a bike-friendly city. One time, my friend and I rented bikes for a whole day to get around San Francisco. We passed the most crowded Pier 39, appreciated the majestic structure of the Palace of Fine Arts, explored different neighborhoods, and saw many Victorian-style buildings along the streets. Bike riding is a refreshing experience and provides a way to see the real San Francisco. San Francisco is famous for its cable cars and it passes many major tourist sites, such as Union Square, Russian Hill, and Lombard Street. It is convenient to hop on and off the cable car to your destinations, and it also makes people feel like they’re experiencing the olden days.

My favorite travel experience in San Francisco was with my mother. My mom came to visit me when I graduated from college. We had a wonderful time together in San Francisco: we wandered around Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the world. There were blossoming flowers and nice houses along the way. At the top of the hill, we got the best view of the whole city and saw the bay, Alcatraz, and the Coit Tower.

It is convenient to hop on and off the cable car to your destinations, and it also makes people feel like they’re experiencing the olden days.

We had several meals at Fisherman’s Warf, since we both love seafood. One has so many choices there: the food stalls along the street or the high-class restaurants. I had a great dining experience at a seafood restaurant, called Alioto’s. They served food that was based on Italian cooking traditions. We ate the famous New England clam chowder and fresh crab legs. The restaurant also offered the most outstanding view. Dim candlelight creates a great atmosphere. From the window, I saw the passing yachts, the lazy California seals lying on dock, and the excited tourists taking photos. There were also many street performers playing music, which made the place full of entertainment.

Even though I have been to San Francisco several times, I still have not visited the famous Alcatraz, where the most dangerous criminals were imprisoned. Presidio of San Francisco is also a place that I want to visit during my next trip there.

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