Filipino Food: Exotic and Delicious Delights

July 3, 2013
Filipino Food: Exotic and Delicious Delights

Nipa hut, magnificent beaches, tan lines, and the bright and steaming sun—these are just a few things that probably enter your mind when you envision a tropical country like the Philippines. The Philippine Islands are renowned for their wonderful tourist spots, as well as cheaply priced food and other commodities. However, one thing you should never forget when traveling to this beautiful paradise is the importance of packing light and leaving behind any excess baggage. Remember that the Philippines is forever a tropical country, so there is no need for you to bring your extra-fur-lined jackets.

The main purpose of traveling, aside from experiencing the wonders of nature, is to blend in with the locals and to taste unique cuisine. I’ve been to many places around the globe, and up until now, I am still proud to say that the Filipino cuisine is one of the best I have ever tasted.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Filipino Food: Exotic and Delicious Delights


Nothing can ever compare to the way Filipinos cook adobo. The process of creating this dish is quite simple—you just have to sauté either chicken or pork on garlic, soy sauce and vinegar, and voila! Your adobo is served! Many of the Filipinos have their unique way of spicing up the dish, and many local restaurants serve this food using varying ingredients.

Street food

The best thing about the Philippines is you will never go hungry, thanks to the local street food vendors. These foods that come on sticks are grilled, and most are parts of chicken that you never imagined eating. The common street food fancied by Filipinos are adidas, isaw, betamax, among others. These are intestine, feet, and blood of chicken. Also, you must try balut, which is a developing duck embryo. Many night vendors sell this, alongside with penoy and chicharon.


Salagubang is an insect often found in the Philippines during the rainy season. Often times, it is served fried. There is no need for you to worry since this local dish is very safe to eat as its diet is purely plants. Salagubang is crunchy on the outside, but juicy on the inside. Once you bite into it, you will feel its juices explode in your mouth. With salagubang and a bottle of beer, your night out will surely be complete.

Bat and Balls

Soup number 5 is a delicacy often served in many Filipino restaurants. This is known to be healthy as well as an aphrodisiac, so if you feel that you and your partner are losing that good old spice, maybe all you need is a sip of bat and ball soup.

Alupihang Dagat

Mantis shrimp, which can be bought in the markets near beaches, is called alupihang dagat in the Philippines. If you love shrimp, then it’s time to meet its juicier counterpart. Usually, it is cooked with ketchup and sprite, but at times, it is just served fried. Either way, you’ll surely enjoy this seafood delight.

There is no other place as beautiful as of the Philippines. Not only will your eyes be filled with delight, but you’ll surely leave this place with a full stomach and a heart filled with joy and euphoria.

Sarah in the Philippines
Sarah in the Philippines


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