60 Lessons I Learned During My RTW Trip

June 19, 2014
RTW trip

foreign-correspondent badge final I quit my job last year, and I went traveling. Does that sound familiar to you? I backpacked all by myself through 10 countries in four months and never wrote a postcard. But what I wrote down and really wanted to share with the world was this:

60 Lessons I Learned During My RTW Trip

1. Half a bucket of water is enough for a shower.
2. You only need a bed and some type of bathroom in order to live.
3. Soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste are all you need.
4. Even without make-up and in jogging pants, guys find will find a woman super attractive.
5. Doing nothing and just being is more often one of the easiest ways to become happy.
6. Breathing, yoga and meditation make you so much more aware and balances you out.
7. It’s all about the balance in life.
8. Snorkeling or making music etc. are also types of meditation.
9. You need to understand the messages of your body, mind and soul to know what your body, mind and soul need.
10. Unprocessed, healthy and balanced food make you feel happier.
11. I don’t judge anymore; I understand.
12. Being aware and open-minded allows you to understand the world–your world.
13. If you open your eyes and your heart, everything is even more beautiful.
14. It’s unbelievable how much happiness and joy you can actually feel.
15. Nature is the most beautiful invention in the world.
16. You can feel truly connected with nature, and it’s an awesome, awesome feeling.
17. It’s incredible how much more amazing sunsets, beaches, mountains and landscapes can suddenly be.
18. You only see what you allow yourself to see.
19. Life is how you make and see it.
20. If you don’t judge something as good or bad, right or wrong, you accept it as it is.
21. If you accept whatever comes instead of fighting against it, everything just flows naturally and surprisingly well.
22. It’s all a natural flow.
23. You should take and get just as much as you need–not more and not less.
24. Every act you do should not harm anyone but be beneficial for at least one person.
25. If you are conscious, you are not able to do things like telling a lie or littering anymore
26. One shop, one restaurant, and one bicycle are enough to live happily on an island.
27. Who needs 1000 shops with the same products?
28. I am happy even if I don’t do tourist shopping.
29. Money doesn’t buy happiness.
30. The more money people have, the less they smile.
31. Present moment = wonderful moment.
32. Tomorrow doesn’t matter today.
33. There are millions of amazing people in this world.
34. If you widen your vision, you can be so fascinated by those people.
35. You learn so much from every single one of them.
36. It’s mind-blowing, surprising and fulfilling when you are travelling.
37. You are what you believe.
38. It’s all in the mind.
39. Relationships last just as long as they have to last.
40. Then let go and it’s all good.
41. Life is amazing.
42. If it’s not, it’s part of the frequency, the wave–it’s normal and won’t last.
43. It’s better to go with the waves than to try to swim against them.
44. When you reach happiness you feel love for the whole world.
45. You can love the whole world–it’s an amazing thing.
46. And all that is better than drugs.
47. It’s so much more important to collect moments rather than things.
48. Everything is doable and nothing is impossible – I’Mpossible
49. Change your world first; then we may change together.
50. Don’t get conditioned by society.
51. It’s not worth it nor beneficial going all the way to become super rich if you can already sit, relax and be happy today.
52. You can influence your body and diseases with your mind–yes you can.
53. People and things in every country are same same but different because of different climates and natural conditions; it makes sense actually.
54. Traveling makes you so much richer despite all the money you spend.
55. But wherever you are, you can enlarge your visions, and you can become more aware and happier.
56. If you find that inner and outer balance.
57. Every person has to go  her own way, with her own rhythm, to find happiness.
58. Happiness means different things to different people.
59. You realize that you knew nothing at all and that you have to go traveling again to better understand the things you learned.
60. This list is to be continued, over and over again.

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