Thailand Treats for the Body and Soul

July 28, 2015
Thailand Treats for the Body and Soul

Over the course of my life, I’ve searched the world to discover a place that can equally soothe both the mind and the soul. If any of those corners ever came close to my perfectionist self, it would have to be the lusciously magical, bedazzling Thailand. From adventurous travelling spots to places to experience yoga, enjoy massages and their mellow cuisine, I’ve spent weeks basking in the depth of its diversity.

One of the earliest things I’ve experienced (practically the moment my plane first touched the runway) was the exhaustingly entertaining jungle excursions. Travelling on foot, I can easily admit that I haven’t absorbed so much oxygen ever before and ever since. A perfect cure for jet lag, as it turned out, the jungle did wonders for my smoker’s cough, and also helped open up my brain and think more clearly than ever before in my life. As a culmination to this, I got a chance to marvel at the powerful beasts that elephants are.

If you happen to fall in love (as I certainly did) with these good-spirited creatures that symbolize royalty and strength, you can interact with them near Chiang Mai.

Elephant Family

The places I frequented more than any of my expatriate counterparts during my lengthy stay in this land of free spirits would be the Koh Samui spas and Thai massage parlours. After a mind-boggling experience at my hotel, I started researching local massage and spa spots and alternative places incorporating liver fasting and meditation. Simultaneously relaxing my body and mind had never been easier.

A perfect cure for jet lag, as it turned out, the jungle did wonders for my smoker’s cough, and also helped open up my brain and think more clearly than ever before in my life.

Already a seasoned yoga practitioner, I have picked up more than a couple of things in this spiritual land of temples like Wat Arun, Ayutthaya and Big Buddha Temple on the Koh Samui Island. There’s just something fulfilling in experiencing meditation with Thai monks, in the flesh.

big buddha koh samui
Koh Samui Buddha

As someone who appreciates taste, but simultaneously craves healthy, nutritious food, I have to admit that Thailand wasn’t a let-down, not even once. Used to spicy food, it is here that I discovered the true meaning of taste. Quite economical in terms of different spices they use, it didn’t take long for me to get used to actually feeling what I was eating. I’ve attended many classes that Koh Samui offers and at the risk of sounding presumptuous, turned out quite a talented taste matcher.

Phra Nang
Phra Nang

But all of this almost pales in significance once compared to the miles of gold sand and acres of bronze skin that this borderline mythical place had in store for me. Whether I was soaking up the sun rays, enjoying the glimmer of our drowsy star preparing to dive down the horizon, or letting the huge fool moon reflection hypnotize me, I’d always let the beach take over. 

If you’re as much of a rock climbing enthusiast as I am, you’ll be glad to hear that the Railay beach offers boulders that will make your head spin. Off the cliff and down into the depths of the popular Koh Tao, scuba diving made for the most colourful experience of my life up to date.

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