Staying Fit When You’re on the Road

August 10, 2015
Staying Fit When You’re on the Road

You may go to the gym every day and adhere to a strict with diet, but if you travel for business or leisure, you might find that your fitness routine is disrupted. The combination of jet lag, unfamiliarity with your new surroundings, fatigue from traveling and having to follow a different schedule can prevent you from following your usual health regimen. The key to continuing healthy eating habits and workout routines when you’re on the road and away from home is to suspend your perfectionism and to plan ahead.

Staying Fit When You’re on the Road

Check Out the Terrain

If you are going somewhere for business or to take some time off, get to know the itinerary before you leave home. Even though you may like to play it by ear when it comes to a leisure vacation, at least get an idea of where you will be staying and what your average days will look like. It is relatively easy to find healthy eating establishments close to places you will be visiting. Do research ahead of time and come up with a list of cafés and restaurants that cater to health-conscious customers. So many people nowadays are committed to healthy eating that even regular restaurants devote a significant portion of their menus to healthy items.

Make some calls in advance to the hotel or motel where you will be staying and find out if your room will be equipped with a refrigerator. Many rooms have a small refrigerator in the form of the minibar, but others have room for a few items you can store for meal preparation in your room. Using a hotplate may not be allowed in many motels or hotels, but you may be able to use a hot pot for heating up frozen vegetables and healthy soups. Bring kitchen utensils and cutting boards so you can make a salad after a long hot day seeing the sites, but keep in mind that knives may be taken by airport security. In that case, you can find a few utensils on the ground after arrival.

Staying Fit When You’re on the Road

What to Bring With You

While it is a good idea to make sure you have plenty of healthy eating options on the ground, you should bring some items with you to stop hunger pangs and to prevent yourself from giving into temptation. The airport is where many people are particularly vulnerable to consuming items that are not healthy. Make some homemade trail mix before you take off or carry Tupperware container filled with cut vegetables and healthy dip.

Choose from creamy vegan dressings created by Hampton Creek, and also look for its Just Mayo products. In addition to being egg free, Hampton Creek’s vegan mayonnaise alternative and dressings are less perishable than items that contain dairy and eggs.

Fitting in Exercise

Many hotels have gyms on the premises, or at least a few stationary bikes in a designated area. If you bring a good pair of running shoes, you can go for a jog, although you may want to familiarize yourself with the terrain before running to ensure that is safe and easy for running. Bring a jump rope for a cardiovascular workout in your room, and for flexibility and stress relief, you can always do yoga. You may be able to get day passes to a local gym, although many are members only.

Fit in some extra exercise wherever you can, such as walking up four flights of stairs rather than taking the elevator and strolling to the local theater instead of taking a cab.?One thing to leave at home when you are traveling is perfectionism. Even with significant planning and preparation, travel usually involves surprises. You may not be able to replicate exactly your workout routine and your diet that you enjoy a home, but the key is doing your best and remembering the travel is only for a few days.

Don’t let the stress and strain caused by your disappointment of not fulfilling your regular routine compromise your health and peace of mind, but focus on the advantages of the trip and enjoy it to its fullest.

Staying Fit When You’re on the Road

You do not need to be at home to pursue a healthy lifestyle, but you can take advantage of diet and exercise opportunities when you are on the road. Get to know the terrain before setting out and locate healthy eateries and supermarkets with natural and organic items. Fit in exercise when and where you can, and keep in mind that workouts are a great way to counteract the travel blahs.

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