VIDEO: Packing Tips for Long-Term Backpackers

September 3, 2015
VIDEO: Packing Tips for Long-Term Backpackers

Ashley Starr shares her packing tips for long-term backpackers before heading out on her own trip to Bali, India and New Zealand. Find out how to deal with different climates, bring travel-friendly hygienic products, meet your needs as a woman traveler, and more.

VIDEO: Packing Tips for Long-Term Backpackers

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The Best Part of A Backpacking Trip:

As I’m running through the rain in Prague with my boyfriend Matt by my side a sense of elation sets in. This day is one of our slower days, something that usually occurs once or twice a week. We woke up early to bring our laundry to the dry cleaners (unfortunately there are no do-it-yourself laundromats in the city center) and began our run immediately after.

The rain feels good and the pressed exertion is welcome. Typically Matt and I get the majority of our exercise by walking an average of seven miles daily seeing all the sites–which doesn’t include the wandering we do once we get to our destination.

A backpacking trip is anything but normal. Your world is constantly changing. Your plans are never the same from one day to the next. It throws you off balance.

As I run across the Charles Bridge, I notice that all the swans have migrated to the other side of river as the rain gently falls. The night before they were sheltering in a small cove awaiting the impending lightning storm that chased Matt and I back across the bridge away from the Prague Castle. Before that storm the sky was a mix of a sunset and hurried black clouds swarming over the horizon. Prague looked so different from the first sight I had of it on the cloudy day atop the Astronomical Clock tower. The Charles Bridge thrummed with people attempting to get back to their hotels before the storm drenched them.

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Ashley quit her 9-5 job in corporate marketing to explore the world. She is a big believer in finding your purpose and creativity through travel. Check out her blog, The Starting Point.

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